Tuesday, 12 July 2016

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Happy Hair Cap is an innovation that everybody should have in their Beauty, it is the first hair cap that's waterproof and breathable at the same time.

It Is made of soft and elastic microfiber that is waterproof and resistant to chlorine.

Moreover it is shaped to be more capacious on the back for those who have long or or voluminous hair, it does not fit tight, it is easy to wear and let the head breathe while protecting hairs.

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It comes with a practical pochette 
and the sticker of Happy Hair’s logo

Happy Hair Cap is ideal for the shower, thermal baths and acquagym in shallow water,
because of the soft elastic is not suitable for swimming and acquagym in high water.

Be Happy! With Happy Hair Cap

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

THERMAL BATHS (SPAS) when fear of getting wet hair makes you give up a wonderful neck massage ....

HappyHairCap vs Freezer bag ...

tell me the truth …

how many times have you had the doubt
whether or not to have a bath in the thermal pool
for fear of getting wet hair …
and then lose an hour to set your hair back ?

you hesitate because you always think 
that once you've decide to do it, 
a swim in the thermal pool  yes you do,

you put your disposable bathing cap
they gave you along with your bathrobe
and hotel slippers ...

and I bet you also you have 
become convinced it would work ...

that the thing they call bathing cap,
(but it looks more like a freezer bag by a rubber band)

it would have saved your hair by keeping it dry
and even beautifol and set !

on the contrary when you entered the water, 
you soon realized that every risky movement

The cap moved right and left
hair quiffs began to slip out
now your hands were wet
and there was no need to go and touch your hair ...

so you found yourself walking slowly
in the thermal pool water, stiffy and carefully 
to avoid splashes coming from the jets and fountains 

and just to know that the fountains would be a panacea 
and good for your neck 
and to relax your stiffy back and shoulders !

Imagine how it would be wonderful
if you could stay just under the fountain
and feel the jet shaking your shoulders,
warm water massaging your neck 

without getting out of your mind
just because your hair could be washed

while I'm describing you the scene, 
I have been sitting in front of my laptop for a while 
and my shoulders are asking me to relax for a break

It would take the teleporter,
now I'd love to be me under one of those fountains
that I have just described to you,
It seems to me already to savor the pleasure ...

and even though my hair are smooth and straightened by plate
styling it wouldn't be a problem for me to go under the water splashes

and it wouldn't be a problem for you in the same way 
if you had with you the right bathing cap!

These are the characteristics It should have to get,
if you want to enjoy your holiday in a thermal SPA 
a very great holiday you need a bathing cap like this:

  • That is easy to wear and it doesn't pull the hair and you can put by yourself in less than a minute

  • Being soft and roomy in order to give the hair the space they need without compressing

  • Having a soft elastic, it doesn't shake your head and at the same time it keeps the cap well positioned, even under the strong water jets

  • Well shaped and more adherent to the front to accompany the water gently and sliding it off evenly

  • Being Breathable, I.E. that exits the sweat and the condensation, which are created inside the cap. Favoring an ideal microclimate for healthy skin and hair

  • Being Waterproof to keep your hair perfectly dry, even after hours spent in pools, showers and turkish bath

  • Being recognizable, because there is only a cap in the world to be patented whit these features

All these features and benefits, it is the only which can give you HappyHairCap the bathing cap making your hair happy!

What are you waiting for?
So no tell me you are still thinking about whether or not 
to have a bath in the thermal pool … ;-)

Be Happy!